Dealing with divorce

(March 2012)

Dealing with divorce: things to consider when arranging a financial settlement

After several years of decreasing divorce rates, 2010 statistics showed that divorce increased by 4.9% that year. Financial Divorcesettlements are one of the major considerations of a divorce and we work closely with a number of solicitor firms who give advice in this area. When arranging a financial settlement, some of the issues that need to be considered include pensions, mortgage capacity, investments and insurances. The majority of solicitors have some understanding of these areas, but it’s limited, so it’s important to seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).

The Plain Facts

(Feb 2011)

The Plain Facts: have we really gone through a major market crash?

I'm writing this article after a week of Stock Market turmoil and the riots. I have no idea what the future will bring, I am hoping that it will be quiet. So where are we now? The FTSE 100 currently stands at about 5,320, the Dow Jones stands at about 11, 270 and the Nikkei at about 8,964.
I believe for laymen watching the news, their understanding could be that we've just gone through a major market crash. But what are the plain facts? Just over a year ago the FTSE 100 finished on the 30th June 2010 just above 4,900, the Dow Jones finished on the 26th August 2010 just below 10,000 and the Nikkei finished at just under 8,850.

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